Micro 2One of the appliances provided by our sleep dentists is the MicrO2® sleep apnea oral device. The MicrO2 device helps relieve snoring and other obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, and is comfortable and easy-to-use. Phone Sleep Better Austin at 512-215-4350 to learn how the MicrO2 device in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, can help you.

If your local sleep specialist has diagnosed you with obstructive sleep apnea, our sleep dentists can provide the MicrO2® device to help relieve your symptoms. You will rest better at night and enjoy better overall health. The MicrO2 offers greater tongue space through its small design. It is one of the most comfortable custom-made lower jaw advancement devices now available. It works by pushing and maintaining your lower jaw slightly forward, lifting the throat tissues away from the back of the throat, and clearing your airways.

A MicrO2 device is only available through your dentist. If you choose this device, our sleep dentists will take an impression of your teeth, and record a bite registration with your lower jaw pushed forward. The impression and records will be sent to a lab for appliance construction. Once completed, our sleep dentists will examine the appliance and confirm its fit. Then he will send you home with instructions for the cleaning, insertion, removal, and general care of your Micr02 appliance.

Learn more about MicrO2, and schedule your complimentary consultation with either of our sleep dentists, Dr. Hedgecock and Dr. Kerr.

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