Sleep Better Austin provides ResMed Narval appliances for our patients. Narval CC is a MRD, or mandibular repositioning device, that can help treat OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea. Each appliance is custom-made with biocompatible materials that make a semi-rigid form. Each Narval appliance is constructed with computer-aided design and manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM). This process allows for precise but adaptable appliances that fit each individual client.

Designed specifically for OSA patients, the device keeps the mandible in a forward position along the plane of collusion. Using this optimized articulation method, the device is comfortable and provides direct treatment of sleep apnea symptoms. ResMed Narval is more lightweight and compact than other appliances, ensuring comfort while sleeping. The material also allows for lateral flexibility, allowing patients to drink and talk during use, and minimizing appliance constraint. Finally, the device lessens post-wear sensitivity by avoiding contact with the patient’s four front teeth.

To learn more about ResMed Narval CC and other dental appliances, call 512-215-4350 to schedule an appointment with our sleep dentists. Dr. Hedgecock and Dr. Kerr will be sure to help answer any of your sleep apnea appliance questions. If you’d like to schedule a visit in person, drop by our dental offices to talk about ResMed Narval CC appliances in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas.

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