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Another brand obstructive sleep apnea treatments we offer are Whole You™ appliances. There are six different appliances that we can fit you with, and they can be adapted to suit you specifically.

Whole You focuses on building the appliances so they can accommodate various conditions that a patient may have. They can help with dental, intraoral, anatomical and symptomatic conditions.

Some dental conditions they can focus on can be missing teeth, gum disease and existing dental work. Intraoral issues can be something like large tongues and narrow arches. Anatomical issues can range from large jaws to nasal resistance, where a patient struggles to breathe through the nose. Symptomatic conditions can include bruxism and TMJ pain.

To deal with these issues along with sleep apnea, Whole You appliances can be made to various specifications. Their size and weight can be adapted according to your needs. They can allow for some movement for your tongue, soft palate, and jaw as needed. Some of them can allow for adjustments to be made later on, in case you have some dental work planned that would alter how the appliance fits.

We offer Whole You appliances and many others here at Sleep Better Austin in Austin , Texas. Our sleep dentists, Drs. Hedgecock and Kerr, work hard to find the appliance that works for you. You are welcome to call us at 512-215-4350, and we will help you find the solution that can get you a good night’s sleep.